About Volunteering

About Volunteering


All Team Magic events offer a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Individuals are welcome as are groups in search of community volunteer hours or groups in need of a fundraiser for a special cause or program.

Use the direct links to sign up and keep reading below to also learn about race discounts for volunteers.


St. Patrick's Music City Half, 10k, & 5k

Nashville Women's Triathlon

Eddie Ferrell Music City Triathlon

Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon

Mountain Lakes Triathlon

Tri Louisville

Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon

Riverbluff Triathlon

Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon

Coastal Half Marathon, 5k, & 1-mile Fun Run


Contact us for further detail on donations or fundraising opportunities.

All fundraising projects and/or charitable donations are subject to approval by the directors of Team Magic, Inc.

Many event volunteers come out to "check out the sport" before they enter a race. It is a great chance to see what a running event or triathlon is all about before taking the plunge!

Individual volunteer efforts can be traded for discounted or complimentary race entries.
There are three options for individual volunteers. Volunteer work must be completed within one race season.*

  1. Work a set up, breakdown and during race for a 100% comp code to another race.

  2. Work a set up and breakdown (or just a big breakdown for a race over 600 racers) and we do 50% off a race.

  3. Work a position during a race for three events for a 100% comp code to another race.

    * If you work a late season race, it is ok to combine your work credit with the following race season.

We have the following general areas of need at each event:

  • Course Sentries - directing racers in the proper direction on the run course, bike course, swim course or around the main staging area.

  • Course Fueling Stations - handing off water or energy products at different areas on the course (usually on the run segment).

  • Transition and Finish Area - assiting in the swim to bike and bike to run transition zone - directing and controlling racers and the flow at the main staging area and finish area.

  • Lifeguards - for the swim portion of all triathlons.

  • Water support - motorized and self-propelled water support is needed at all triathlons.

  • Event Registration - greeting racers and assisting with the check-in process.

  • Post Race Support - assist with post race food and drink area for racers.

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