Coca-Cola Club Challenge

Coca-Cola Club Challenge

Club Requirements:

  1. Club members need to indicate their club when registering for events online.
  2. Submit club logo to be posted on Team Magic website.
  3. Submit brief description of club to be used in Team Magic E-Newsletter.
  4. Post link to on club website and/or in club newsletters.
  5. Encourage club members to subscribe to the Team Magic E-Newsletter
  6. Encourage club members to follow Team Magic Racing on Social Media (Twitter: @teammagicracing; Instagram: teammagicracing; Facebook: Team Magic).
  7. Promote Team Magic via club newsletter, website, social media, and community interaction.

Please remind club members that their individual race discounts are valid online only. Online registration closes the Wednesday prior to events.

Discounts are for club members only. Any abuse of club discount will result in a forfeit in club rights.

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