About Clubs and Teams

About Clubs and Teams


The Team Magic club program is open to all clubs, teams, collegiate programs, and coaching groups. 

This free program is designed to provide incentives to help support clubs and teams participating in Team Magic events.  Enjoy the many benefits of being a Team Magic Partner Club by signing up today! 



  • 15% Race entry discounts for all club members

  • Reserved club tent space at race venues (contact us)

  • Club website link on Team Magic website

Points System


Volunteers must register through our online volunteer registration system and indicate their club membership when prompted.

Racers must indicate their club membership when prompted during online registration.

Participation Points (per individual club member)

  • Clubs receive 1 POINT per each RACER at each event not placing in the top 5 in their age group 

  • Clubs receive 1 POINT per each VOLUNTEER working a 4-hour shift at each event

Competitive Overall Podium Points (per individual club member)

  • 1st Place = 16 points

  • 2nd Place = 14 points

  • 3rd Place = 12 points

Competitive Age Group Podium Points (per individual club member)

  • 1st Place = 10 points

  • 2nd Place = 8 points

  • 3rd Place = 7 points

  • 4th Place = 6 points

  • 5th Place = 5 points


Club Responsibilities


To be eligible for club scoring:

  • Club members must indicate their club when registering or volunteering for events online

  • Submit club logo to be posted on Team Magic website

  • Submit a brief description of the club to be posted on the Team Magic website

  • Encourage club members to subscribe to Team Magic E-Newsletter https://team-magic.com/email-subscriptions

  • Encourage club members to follow Team Magic Racing on Social Media (Twitter: @teammagicracing; Instagram: teammagicracing; Facebook: Team Magic)

  • Promote Team Magic via club newsletter, website, social media, and community interaction

    To join our club list and start communicating with Team Magic, simply complete the sign up form here!


Meet the Clubs

  • AERO

  • all3sports Race Team

    all3sports Race Team
  • Atlanta Triathlon Club

    Atlanta Triathlon Club
  • BEAT

  • Capital City Tri Club

    Capital City Tri Club
  • Chattanooga Tri Club

    Chattanooga Tri Club
  • Clarksville Triathlon Club

    Clarksville Triathlon Club
  • East Nashville Triathlon Club

    East Nashville Triathlon Club
  • East Nasty

    East Nasty
  • Gulf Coast Multi-Sport

    Gulf Coast Multi-Sport
  • HEAT

  • MidTN Multisport

    MidTN Multisport
  • Multisport Explosion

    Multisport Explosion
  • Nashville Triathlon Club

    Nashville Triathlon Club
  • North Carolina Tri & Cycling

    North Carolina Tri & Cycling
  • North Mississippi Endurance

    North Mississippi Endurance
  • Podium Multisport

    Podium Multisport
  • River City Tri Club

    River City Tri Club
  • TeamWorks Tortugaman Tri club

    TeamWorks Tortugaman Tri club
  • TriCentric

  • TriGulfCoast

  • Vulcan Triathletes

    Vulcan Triathletes
  • Working Triathlete

    Working Triathlete
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