I want you all to know how pleased we are to work with such an established professional organization year after year. It’s hard work to produce quality events year after year but y’all have done it. As a consumer of events throughout the many years, you learn what is “at standard” and what’s not. So it gives confidence to first timers or old timers to know if they select a Team Magic event they are going to have a well organized and well attended event. Money and time well spent. Thanks!

Chuck Howard
President of USA King's Crossing LLC, which produces Shave Secret


"...this was my first tri but not my first race/event but it was definitely one of the best. The event was so well organized from packet pick up to finish line, you had plenty of signage and staff and perhaps most importantly your staff was so friendly and helpful. Thank you for the hard work you put into make it a great event - I have been telling everyone who will listen about how great it was and I can't wait to do another Team Magic event."

- Brad Denkinger, Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon 2022


I participated in the Brett Robinson Tri this weekend wanted to tell you and your team what an outstanding event it was. It is the most organized tri I have ever participated in and I will make this an annual event. Great people, great venue and a great race.  

Chris (2019)

"Just wanted to say I had a great time at my second triathlon! Well run, very organized and VERY FRIENDLY faces and smiles everywhere!! I am already planning to come back and bring friends!

- Sean Cursain, Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon 2019

"I believe this was my 4th or 5th time to do the Capital of Dreams Triathlon. It is awesome and gets better and better every year!! I've competed in the Escape from Alcatraz and this is identical, but $2500.00 cheaper. Thank you for bringing this race to Montgomery! I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Buster Britton in Birmingham!"

- Conwell Hooper

"The triathlon community sets the bar for physical fitness while encouraging those around them to get started walking, running, hiking, biking or swimming. Baptist Health is pleased to continue our partnership with Team Magic to promote the pursuit of healthy lifestyles and the setting and achieving personal goals. Team Magic provides an excellent fitness experience for beginners to advanced athletes, allowing sponsors like Baptist Health to effectively promote our services to a unique, health-conscious audience."

- Tommy McKinnon - System Director | Marketing and Communications

"There are many things I like about Team Magic races, but the main one is the attention to detail. All the pre-race information provided allows me to show up on race day ready to race!  Course maps, event schedules, everything in transition identified makes it easy to go through my pre-race plan."

- David Smith, Frequent Racer

"It took doing another race to realize how much TM has spoiled me. You guys do a great job in over communicating, staying organized, support, venue selection, etc.  You guys are right on par with the Ironman races I’ve done recently and I’ll continue to encourage everyone I know to select a TM race as the first option if they’re able to." 

Thanks for all you do for the sport!
Daniel Tardy


"I just want to reach out and let you guys know that I thought the race Saturday was great.  As always, I thought it was well organized and as far as the 5K course goes it provided a little bit of everything; flats, hills etc.  I was impressed with the quality of the medals as I thought the weight of them was certainly respectful.  The hoodie/shirt give away was a nice touch for the time of year and a lot better then the routine t-shirt. Again, great job to you and your team!"

Mt. Juliet Holiday Half Marathon and 5k


"My wife and I were fortunate enough to join 1,000+ other athletes today in Chattanooga for the Waterfront Triathlon.  We've been to a number of your events, and have always been impressed with how well things are organized.  Today we were BLOWN AWAY!  The every staff and volunteer I met today was amazing - especially on the run course.  Their friendly and cheerful attitudes helped make the hot run much more bearable.  It also didn't hurt that they were ready with ice water, towels, and - possibly the best idea ever - misters and hoses!
I can only imagine the logistics in moving 1,000+ 'crazy' athletes over land and water.  You guys make it look effortless!  I just have one request - can you go ahead place and order for cooler temperatures for next year's race?  Hey - I can dream can't I?  :)
Thanks again for everything you do, and for all the amazing volunteers that helped make this day fantastic!"
Kicking up my feet with a cold drink,
Phil Neblett
Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon 


"I really want to commend you and your company for making triathlon a huge part of my life. If it weren’t for the GJCC race in 2011, I might still be 265 and super sedentary. Instead, I'm finishing. On the podium of races like Cedars. So thanks a lot. 

I've had the privilege of racing with a few different race companies now and you guys are without a doubt, hands down, bar none the best. Everything from registration to the race to the after party is well planned and executed. Keep up the great work and I'll see you guys at Music City."

Jason Sexton

"Having completed well over 50 triathlons, I saw without hesitation that Team Magic races are the greatest organized, best staffed, and consistently most fun events available. From the top race directors to the bottom designated last place finisher, the Team Magic crew knows triathlons. The races are fun and challenging for an elite athlete and a beginner. The locales that Team Magic selects make not only a great race but aslo a fun weekend. I ahve seen the Montgomery Biscuits and spent a day boating on Lake Guntersville. It's easy to build a mini-vacation around a Team Magic event. Team Magic is simply the best in the business."

Richard Schrade Jr. 

"The Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon was an inspiring event, and our Brookwood Medical Center brand was well represented as presenting sponsor through event signage, race t-shirts, e-blasts, and prominent expo opportunities. We certainly see the value in partnering with Team Magic to support health and fitness in the community."

Stephen Preston
Vice President of External Affairs for Brookwood Medical Center


"MCT last Sunday was my first as a CAT 3 Referee and a great experience. Thank you also for the Room at Extended Stay.  Both were very good and  I hope my services helped make your event better and safer.  Every time I watch you guys in action I am amazed at how incredibly organized and cool you, Therese, and crew are.  I look forward  to working with you in the future. (with mileage from Tullahoma!)"


Brian Bacon, USAT Official, Music City Triathlon

"The volunteer portion of the race was excellent, as well. I was at the finish line so it was great to see the racers at their best and worst. It really makes you want to yell and cheer for them. When we had questions, there was always TM staffer close by to help, and they always made time to do so. The volunteer tech shirts were amazing! I mean seriously, how can you provide tech shirts to volunteers?! I’ve run races were I’ve gotten less. It was a great touch and very much appreciated with the heat. It was definitely a long day with lots of standing and no shade, but I’m not complaining.There were no problems getting checked in and assigned to a spot. We also had a friend that wanted to sign up last minute. I told her to email you and at least ask if she could … the night before the last she got a response that said that would be no problem and she got paired with my wife and i. Again, what RD is going to respond to a volunteer the night before the race?? I emailed an RD 4 times over the course of 4 months last year, and didn’t get a single response.

The volunteer discount for future races is also a great touch.

So far, I have yet to have anything less than a great experience with TM (racing or volunteering). My only complaint is that there are not more Team Magic events."

Miles Baxter

"The race from a paratriathlete's perspective was very good. The most beneficial thing Team Magic did was allow the Paratriathletes to start right after the pros. We have the option to wear the wetsuit or not regardless of temperature, but when conditions are hot as they were on Sunday this move helped ensure we did not overheat on the swim.

I only really had one problem during the race, and there was nothing Team Magic could have done to prevent it.  When I crossed the mount line for the bike my prosthetic slipped on the pavement and I took a good spill. Leg went flying off in your general yard sale carnage kind of way. I got up, dusted myself off and proceeded on the bike. I was actually laughing thinking, 'well got the wreck over with at the start.'

The race organization and route were very accommodating to me and Scott, and neither of us really had a problem different from the other athletes besides dealing with slippage of the prosthetic due to sweat. I cannot tell you how many other athletes encouraged me along the way to the finish, and it was a great experience for me I hope to repeat again in the future.

Thanks for a great experience! My parents and in-laws got to see me race for the first time since I started triathlon in 2006. I look forward to racing again with you guys soon. Next month I will head to NYC to attempt to qualify again for Team USA and head to Beijing in September. See you guys again soon!"

Larry Hicks

"Just wanted to drop you guys an email to say thanks for everything yesterday! I wasn't really sure what my experience would be like, serving as the Designated Last Place Finisher, but I have to say that it was one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I have ever had! I'm honored to say that Team Magic gave me the opportunity to give back to the sport..."

Dave Aurich, Buster Britton

"The set up was amazing. Everything was so organized and clean. It was the best tri set up I have seen all year."

Mary Rembert
Alabama Coastal Triathlon


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