Leigh Anne Weaver

Leigh Anne Weaver

Event Crew



Murfreesboro, TN

Occupation Outside of Team Magic

After teaching elementary school for almost 9 years, I'm taking a few years to be a stay at home mom while my husband travels and builds his career.

Year you joined the team


Where you might be found at a Team Magic event

You can find me basically anywhere on site! I do a little bit of everything.

Favorite sport | hobby  

Hiking! I've hiked almost every waterfall trail in Middle TN and northern AL. I've completed all of GA on the Appalachian Trail and most of the AT in TN and NC (future goals). Backpacking is a whole obsession of mine. I would live in the woods if the opportunity presented itself. No question.

Something you're proud of

My family. I know it's cliche, but I am very thankful for the life my husband and I have built for ourselves and our 4 children. They each make me proud for different reasons, and I work everyday to make sure they stay proud of me too.

Why Team Magic

I wanted to be a part of Team Magic because I LOVE what they do. I love how welcoming the crew is of all skill levels, I love how simple and fun the entire process is as a racer, but above all, I love the climate of encouragement Team Magic has created in an (at times) very intense sport.