Megan Scheumann

Megan Scheumann

Community Relations Coordinator



Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation Outside of Team Magic

Fleet Feet Outfitter & Certified Nutrition Coach

Year you joined the team:


Where you might be found at a Team Magic event:

Primarily packet pickup and expo area 

Favorite Sport / Hobby:

Running, Reading & Baking

Something I'm proud of:

In Fall 2021 I had the opportunity to run my first marathon in Berlin, Germany! Nothing like setting the bar high and running my first marathon as an international one. I was able to travel and run with 6 other friends. It was a wild, fun, challenging and memorable experience. I had set the B goal of running sub-4:00 and the A goal of running sub 3:50. My official finish was 3:49:50. Just under my goal time!  

Why Team Magic:

TMy first triathlon was the Music City Triathlon sprint-distance in 2017. I was a beginner and not sure what I was getting into doing a triathlon. Team Magic put on a great race that day and I was hooked on triathlon. Since then I have competed in several other Team Magic events and have appreciated the well-run races, friendly faces and environment. Since leaving teching in 2020 I have wanted to get into the world of running/sports/health/fitness and Team Magic is an organization that was always top of mind for me. I could tell that Team Magic was a fun, positive, high-energy team to be a part of, as well as an organization that is active in the communities they serve. I am thrilled to be a part of the team and look forward to things to come.