Beth McCaskill

Beth McCaskill

Event Crew



Nashville, TN

Occupation Outside of Team Magic

Litigation Paralegal

Year you joined the team

Where you might be found at a Team Magic event
Typically can be found setting up/breaking down transition and anywhere I’m needed during events.

Favorite sport | hobby

Scuba Diving has to be my #1, nothing brings me more relaxation or peace then blowing bubbles under the water.  I also love running, hiking, and pretty much any sport I can cram into my schedule.  I hope to add triathlons to my list of favorites, currently I’m still trying to just get used to doing that many sports combined together!

Something you're proud of
I coach a Couch to 5k with the East Nasty running group every summer, and the best feeling is watching new runners complete their very first 5k and the joy and excitement that it brings to introduce new people to running and just being more active in life. I am always filled with pride for my groups and love watching them continue to grow and stick with it through the years.

Why Team Magic
Team Magic is such an amazing group of people that know how to create awesome events.  TM felt like a family that I wanted to be a part of from the very first event in which I volunteered.    Whether participating in a race or working a race, the support and camaraderie is unsurpassed.