Kathy Poston

Kathy Poston


Nashville, Tennessee


Health Care Finance Consultant Senior Consultant at Southwind, a division of The Advisory Board

Year you joined the team


Where you might be found at a Team Magic event

Registration, transition and racing, of course!

Favorite sport | hobby

No question - triathlon!

Something you're proud of

I have completed, arguably, the worlds toughest Ironman- Ironman Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. Hilly, windy and hot. A non-athletic source of pride is my awesome daughter, Jordyn, a dance management major at the Ann Lacy School of Dance at OCU in Oklahoma City

Why Team Magic

I spent a couple of years racing several TM races and decided I wanted to give back. So, I signed up to volunteer for a few and just got hooked. Quality races and quality people - what better way could I spend a weekend?