Jenni Berz

Jenni Berz

Assistant Race Director


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Occupation Outside of Team Magic

Depends on the day, but my primary job is Director of Services - Private Dispute Resolution Services, we do mediation and other conflict resolution management, and when I am not doing that...coordinating races, fitness instruction or something outdoors with my dog MadyB.

Year you joined the team


Where you might be found at a Team Magic event

Course set up, in a trailer, and most recently, coordinating volunteers.  At the end of the day, wherever needed - not good at sitting or standing still.

Favorite sport | hobby  

Running, Tennis 

Something you're proud of

Working for Team Magic, of course.  

Why Team Magic

Why not? How cool is it to work with a group of people who love what they do, do it well, and have an infectious energy about putting on great events. If you aren't a triathlete, you want to be one after being around Team Magic.