The Team

The Team

When the company was founded by Therese Bynum, a racing team was also established to help her organize and advertise for the races. This racing team over time turned into a group of leaders that serve as key weekend coordinators. These coordinators primarily live around Birmingham, Nashville and Chattanooga.

Who are the Coordinators?

If you see someone in a Team Magic logo shirt at the Team Magic races, it is likely one of our coordinators. They are multisport enthusiasts that provide the backbone of Team Magic. This crew not only works the races, they each dedicate their Team Magic weekends to be sure you have a first class event.

  • Therese Bynum

    Therese Bynum
  • Faye Yates

    Faye Yates
  • Taylor Meador

    Taylor Meador
  • Kathleen Johnston

    Kathleen Johnston
  • Jenni Berz

    Jenni Berz
  • Beth McCaskill

    Beth McCaskill
  • Jan Morales

    Jan Morales
  • Jenna Bain

    Jenna Bain
  • Ben Goolsby

    Ben Goolsby
  • Kelly Hagerty Strimaitis

    Kelly Hagerty Strimaitis
  • Nicole McCarthy

    Nicole McCarthy
  • Season Lane

    Season Lane
  • Chris Bain

    Chris Bain
  • Jared Carlson

    Jared Carlson
  • Dominic Ciavatta

    Dominic Ciavatta
  • Ted Droysen

    Ted Droysen
  • Susan Farmer

    Susan Farmer
  • Rhonda Halcomb

    Rhonda Halcomb
  • Kenneth Harkless

    Kenneth Harkless
  • Suzie Hosman

    Suzie Hosman
  • Berne Irwin

    Berne Irwin
  • Rod McDonald

    Rod McDonald
  • Tim Meredith

    Tim Meredith
  • Kathy Poston

    Kathy Poston
  • Luke Strimaitis

    Luke Strimaitis
  • Thomas Torgerson

    Thomas Torgerson
  • Lissa Walker

    Lissa Walker
  • Lynda Walker

    Lynda Walker
  • Leslie Whatley

    Leslie Whatley
  • Johanna Zettersten

    Johanna Zettersten
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