Tri Montgomery

Date Saturday, May 04 2024
LocationMontgomery, Alabama
  • Sprint - 400m Swim | 20k Bike | 5k Run
      Saturday 07:30 AM
  • Duathlon - 2.5k Run | 20k Bike | 5k Run
      Saturday 07:30 AM
  • Olympic - 1.5k Swim | 40k Bike | 10k Run
      Saturday 08:00 AM




Race Through History
Join us for the return of Tri Montgomery (formerly Capital of Dreams Triathlon) in Alabama's capital, where ambition and history race together in a unique triathlon experience.

Why Choose Tri Montgomery:

Jumpstart your Swim: Start your day with an epic jump off the Harriett II Riverboat, swimming downstream in the smooth Alabama River.

Cycle the Capital: Navigate a route that weaves through Montgomery's historic districts and landmarks, offering a ride that's as culturally enriching as it is physically challenging.

Historic Stride: The running leg of Tri Montgomery immerses you in the city's rich heritage, inspiring you as you journey through time towards the finish line.

Diverse Challenge: Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or a newbie, Tri Montgomery offers various distances to match your level of ambition. It's your day to shine, regardless of your pace.

New for 2024: Not sure about the full tri? We now offer a Run-Bike-Run Duathlon option, in addition to the already offered, Bike-Run, Swim-Run, and Relay Team options.

Tri Montgomery is more than just a race. Here, every swim stroke, pedal turn, and step is a celebration of what you can achieve.


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