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Tri Nashville Triathlon

Date Sunday, August 30 2020
LocationNashville, TN
  • Sprint - 200m Swim | 10mi Bike | 2mi Run
      Sunday 07:30 AM

Course Detail


Site Overview | Main Staging Area | Transition Flow


Start your day at the awesome Centennial Sportsplex Pool, then take a short stroll over to the Centennial Park Ellipse at The Parthenon to your main staging area. Bikes will be staged on The Ellipse until you take off for a tour of Sylvan Park and Sylvan Heights, followed by a completely flat run around Centennial Park. Post-race activities are adjacent to the bike staging area, near The Parthenon east entrance.




The race transition area is organized based on your assigned race number. The bike racks are marked by ranges of "7" numbers, beginning with 1 through 7 and so on. Each bike rack ROW is also marked with a sign to help you find your row as you complete your swim-to-bike and bike-to-run transitions. Bikes do not have to be racked in numerical order ON the rack, but must be placed on the rack designated for your race number range.

SWIM COURSE: 200 meters

The swim is in the 50 meter indoor pool. You will enter the pool in an "interval start" fashion. Participants line up by race number (beginning with the lowest number to the highest.) Race Numbers are assigned based on your estimated swim time you submitted when you registered. Check out this chart to help you estimate your swim time. Racers are allowed to move to the back of the line to start. Your racking position in transition is also organized by your race number. One person at a time enters the pool and begins swimming when given the start command. Swim down the first lane, touch the wall, go under the lane rope, swim down that lane, and continue the same process until you exit after swimming 4 lengths for a total of 200 meters. When you exit the pool, volunteers will direct you to the transition area where you will begin your bike segment of the race.  The distance from the pool to the transition area is about 0.13 miles on pavement and sidewalk, so if you want to wear shoes, there will be a staging area for them outside of the pool exit.

There will be no moving up in swim order on race day. Pre-register by the Wednesday night before the race to get a spot in the swim order. All registrants after that time will have the upper numbers and be starting at the rear, sorry, no exceptions.


BIKE COURSE: 10 miles

Enjoy an urban tour from Centennial Park in Midtown Nashville, through Sylvan Park, Sylvan Heights and back. This is a two-loop course with moderate climbs here and there. See course maps for flow and detail on the second loop.

Road closure, shared road information and important lane usage notes:

  • Police will control all traffic intersections, giving bikers the right of way
  • Park Plaza & Oman are closed to car traffic
  • Bikes share the road with local traffic on Long & Acklen
  • Bikes have a bike lane and share roads with local traffic on Murphy and 46th Ave 
  • Bikes have a bike lane and a complete car lane coned from cars on Charlotte & the 28th/31st Connector
  • On 27th Ave and Park Plaza only, bikers will travel in the oncoming traffic lane going out and coming back to transition
  • First Loop Note - bikes will be directed to stay in the RIGHT lane (southbound) on the 28th / 31st Connector if completing their first loop, starting the 2nd loop
  • 2nd Loop / Bike Finish Note - bikes will be directed to move to the LEFT lane on the 28th / 31st Connector when they cross City Blvd, if completing the 2nd loop and headed to the bike finish / transition area



RUN COURSE: 2 miles 

Get ready for a scenic run around Centennial Park, home of the iconic Parthenon. Expect a completely flat course on a mix of closed-to-traffic park roads and the Centennial Walking Trail / Greenway. Finish adjacent to the Parthenon east entrance.

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