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Date Sunday, May 13 2018
LocationBirmingham, AL
  • Age 7-10 - Swim 100 meters | Run 1 km
      Sunday 08:00 AM
  • Age 11-15 - Swim 200 Meters | Run 2 km
      Sunday 08:00 AM

Course Detail

Staging | Course Detail


The race staging is at the Levite Jewish Community Center outdoor pool. The swim takes place in the 7 lane x 25 yard pool. Swimmers start by age and go down and back in the same lane, 2 swimmers per lane.  Age 7-10 will complete 100 total yards (4 lengths or 2 laps) and Age 11-15 complete 200 total yards (8 lengths or 4 laps.) Swimmers will have their shoes and any desired clothing & accessories staged in a "swim to run transition zone" on the pool deck. They will exit the pool and immediately grab their shoes and any other items needed for the run, then proceed out of the pool area through the lobby to the parking lot, then run as directed by cones and volunteers to the outdoor track.  Age 7-10 complete a 1k run with a total of 1-3/4 laps on the track. Age 11-15 complete a 2k run with a total of 3-3-3/4 laps on the track. Both runs finish on the field inside the running track. 



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