Malcolm Byrd

Malcolm Byrd

Malcolm “Tweet” Byrd, Montgomery, AL.

Started his triathlon journey in 2013 with an order from his doctor to lose weight. In 2012 weighing in at 270lbs he set out to simply get his weight under control and found the world of triathlon. A year later and 105lbs lighter he boarded the Harriet II for his first sprint tri. He has competed as an age-group athlete in the states and internationally. Tweet has been a huge advocate for the triathlon lifestyle sharing tips and experiences and encourages new athletes at every opportunity. 


Why Tweet likes Team Magic events: The main quality that draws me to Team Magic events is how you are treated like family. My very first triathlon was with Team Magic and there has never been any doubt in my mind I will ALWAYS race Team Magic events. Organization, professionalism, price and over-the-top quality & location of events are always above reproach! enjoy the energy and fun atmosphere of Team Magic events, and they are always well organized. “Team Magic is the best organization with which to start and continue your triathlon journey.


Motivational Quote: "No Quitting, No Excuses, Always 100%!!!”

– Me


"The pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself and it’s 110% consistent”

- Me


2019 Race Schedule:  Capital of Dreams Tri, The Renaissance Man Tri, Alabama Coastal Tri, Ironman Florida