Daniel Tribble

Daniel Tribble

Daniel Tribble, Lebanon, TN

Daniel began his multisport journey while in middle school and completed his first triathlon at the Cedars of Lebanon triathlon in 2010 during his junior year of high school.  He fell in love with the sport and has done a Team Magic race every year since then.  Daniel is actively involved in the multisport community around Lebanon and enjoys introducing new athletes to the sport so they too can experience the joy he finds in triathlon.  He says his motto is “to train the hardest, and be the one having the most fun!” 

Why Daniel likes Team Magic events:  Team Magic does an incredible job with each race they organize. All aspects of the race, from the online information, registration, swag goodies, course and transition layout, volunteers, race execution, post-race food and awards, post-race survey – all of it is well thought out and done right. You can tell they have been doing this for over 30 years. The staff is first class and do a great job putting on the events and making them as family-friendly as possible. The organization of each race, great atmosphere, and locations of the events bring me back to Team Magic races every year.

Motivational Quote:  "Train Hard, Race Fast, and Always Believe."  Surround yourself with positivity and do not live in regret! Live life to the fullest every day.

2018 Race Schedule:  Music City St. Patrick's Day 5k, Chattanooga Waterfront Sprint, Music City Tri Sprint, Mountain Lakes Tri Sprint, Cedars of Lebanon Tri and Mt. Juliet 5k

Connect with Daniel:  Facebook as Daniel Tribble and Blog http://www.thejesuscyclist.com/

4 Things To Do Now to Prepare for Next year’s Triathlon Season – by Daniel Tribble

1.   Plan your races based off your strengths. What is your best segment within a race? If you are a good runner, consider races with longer or more challenging run courses that give you an advantage. Not a strong swimmer or fearful of open water? Look for races with swim segments that you are more comfortable with.

2.  Analyze last season. What did you do well that you want to continue into next year? What went wrong last year that you want to change? What races did you perform well in? Where did something go wrong in a race?

3.  Track your workouts. Knowing your workout schedule gives you patterns and shows if you are making progress. Strava, Garmin, or just using a pen and paper are easy ways to start. 

4.   Find a group to train with. Are you planning on doing a big race next year? Find a local running or cycling group or tri-club to make some friends to train with.  Camaraderie is always welcome between athletes.