Kirsten Sass

Kirsten Sass

Kirsten Sass, McKenzie, TN

As Kirsten puts it, “I like to race.  A LOT.  And I like to encourage others to race.  A LOT.”  Indeed, since she started racing in 1999 she has racked up A LOT of finishes including multiple National and World Championship Titles to go along with her many Music City  and Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon victories.  You will frequently see Kirsten toeing the startline with her father Volker Winkler, husband Jeff and other family members and friends from West TN.  Although she has raced all of the world she says that “local” races like Muisc City and Chattanooga Waterfront are some of her favorites.  In addition to being an all-star athelte Kirsten is a Total Immersion Swim Coach.

Why Kirsten likes Team Magic events:  I have been racing Team Magic events for a LOOOOOONG time.  They are some of my favorite races.  My family has been racing them for years. 

Motivational Quote:  “Keep Moving Forward.” (and smile)

2018 Race Schedule:  Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon and 40th Annual Music City Triathlon

Connect with Kirsten:  Instagram @kirsten_sass, Facebook as Kirsten Sass (amateur triathlete) and Website