Ambassador Team Program Introduction

Team Magic is excited to support a Team Magic Ambassador Team.  Ambassadors are athletes who love to race Team Magic events and want to help spread the word about Team Magic events in their community.  Fill out the form below for the opportunity to be selected as a Team Magic Ambassador.  


  • Enthusiasm for spreading the word about the benefits of an active lifestyle and encouraging others to participate in Team Magic events.
  • Promote Team Magic events through interaction with running, swimming, cycling and triathlon clubs, and at races, expos, athletic stores and other events in your community.
  • Promote Team Magic events using your social media, using #TeamMagicAmbassador
  • Previous experience racing Team Magic events.
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 Team Magic Events annually – and preferably more.
  • Volunteer at Team Magic events, wearing your Team Magic Swag, including before and after races, when available.
  • Speed not required but excellent sportsmanship, a friendly smile and a positive mindset a must!


  • Featured on our Ambassador Team page on the Team Magic website
  • Outfitted with special Team Magic shirt and hat.
  • Huge swag bag loaded with goods from Team Magic sponsors.
  • Discounted entry to selected Team Magic events.
  • Rewards for registrants that use your unique Ambassador code for race entries.
  • Opportunities for media coverage and inclusion in special race weekend even

Application Questions


Download application here

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Address
  5. Birthday
  6. How many years have you been doing triathlon or running?
  7. How many races do you participate in per year?
  8. Are you a member of a running or multi-sport club?
  9. Describe your experience racing Team Magic Events?
  10. How are you active in your community?
  11. Are you active with social media accounts - Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, or Blogs?
  12. Why do you want to be a Team Magic Ambassador?
  13. Any other interesting things you want to share?

Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors by clicking on their photo below.

  • Malcolm Byrd

    Malcolm Byrd
  • Sebastian Haupt

    Sebastian Haupt
  • Belinda Leslie

    Belinda Leslie
  • Elizabeth Petty

    Elizabeth Petty
  • Ashley Powell

    Ashley Powell
  • Karen Putnam

    Karen Putnam
  • Domenick Risola

    Domenick Risola
  • Kirsten Sass

    Kirsten Sass
  • Helena Smith

    Helena Smith
  • Derek Stone

    Derek Stone
  • Daniel Tribble

    Daniel Tribble
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