How do I pre-register for a race? You can register online or download an entry form to mail in: Click HERE for individual registration form,  HERE for 3 Person Relay Team, HERE for 2 Person Relay Team

Can I register on race day?  You can register on race day for all of our events, unless the event sells out in advance. If you register on race day, you will not be guaranteed a shirt, and you will be placed to start the race behind all the pre-registered racers at our interveral start triathlons.

What items do I need to register or pick up my race packet? Photo ID is a must for everyone. For triathlons, USAT annual members must show their USAT card or proof of membership.

Can I pay with a credit card? Yes you may, in advance through online registration and at the race site.

My child wants to race a sprint triathlon. What is your age minimum? We do not have an age minimum, but we do request that the parent/guardian understands the caution of each race. Some races are open water and some races do not have bike lanes closed to traffic. Since your child does not have as much experience racing as someone older, please understand the risks before signing your child up for a specific race. Please contact us with a review of the child's race resume for consideration of admittance into our longer events.

Change Race or Race Data

Want to change from Intermediate Distance to the Sprint Distance or Sprint to Intermediate? Or, do you need to change to a Relay Team from Individual or to Individual from a Relay Team? You can do that through imathlete.com. Now racers can change from one race to another without having to contact Team Magic.

If the cost increases, you pay the diffence on the spot.
If the cost is less, you can make the change BUT no refund or credit is allowed.

  • Go to "My Registrations" at imAthlete.com

  • Click " Edit Registrations "

  • Enter your confirmation code and follow the simple instructions.

Use the same instructions above to make other edits to your race information (such as estimated swim time, email address, etc...) - all changes must be complete before online registration is closed - the Wednesday night before each event for triathlons and Thursday or Friday for running events.

Race Day Specifics

Will there be water to drink during the race?

Yes, there will be water on the run course, main staging area, and at the race finish line. There will also be snacks and drinks in the Awards/Celebration Area for participants and volunteers to enjoy.

Can I wear earphones on the course?

For triathlons, USAT rules do not allow the use of headphones or personal audio devices at any time during the conduct of the race. This is for the safety of yourself and all race participants. You may, however, use such devices in the Transition Area prior to the start of the race. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Do I have to wear my bib number?

We require your bib number to be visible on the front of your body when you cross the race finish line.

Do I have to wear a shirt for the bike and run?

No, a shirt is not required.

Is the swim start at wave/group start for the triathlon events?

All of our races begin with a time-trial start. Every few seconds a racer enters the water which allows for an easier, spaced out swim. USAT studies have shown that the time-trial start is the safest way to begin the swim portion. It also helps ease congestion on the swim/bike/run courses. 

Will there be port-a-john?

Yes, there will be port-a-johns in the main staging area, as well as a various places on some of our courses, depending on the availability of brick&mortar restrooms and race distances.

Where do I put the tri-tats? How do I get the tri-tat off?

Tri-tats should be placed on your left arm and left leg. Tri-tats can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Where can I stay up-to-date for Team Magic promotions, news, and last minute changes in case of weather?

You can visit our Facebook page and Like us to stay up-to-date on all things, Team Magic.

If I need help, is there anyone to assist me?

Yes, we have top-notch support at all of our races. We have professional/experienced race staff. Ambulances/EMT's are onsite at all of our events, local police support at all high traffic intersections, as well as certified lifeguard and rescue support in the water.

Event Categories


  • Elite: Card carrying pros or elites that have had resume approved.

  • Individual (Age Group): Open for all age group men and women.

  • Paratriathlete: Physcially Challenged Division

  • Beginners: Participated in no more than 3 triathlons.

  • Clydesdale: 220+ pound men

  • Athena: 165+ pound women

  • Relay: male, female, mixed, family, corporate

  • Aquabike: swim and bike only

  • CycloRun: bike and run only

Your category CANNOT change once the race starts. If a category is not indicated when you register, you will be entered as an individual. If you choose Beginner, you will fall back in your age group if you do not win an award in your chosen category.

Want to change from Intermediate Distance to the Sprint Distance or Sprint to Intermediate? Or, do you need to change to a Relay Team from Individual or to Individual from a Relay Team? You can do that through imathlete.com. Now racers can change from one race to another without having to contact Team Magic.

If the cost increases, you pay the diffence on the spot.
If the cost is less, you can make the change BUT no refund or credit is allowed.

  • Go to "My Registrations" at imAthlete.com

  • Click " Edit Registrations "

  • Enter your confirmation code and follow the simple instructions.

Use the same instructions above to make other edits to your race information (such as estimated swim time, email address, etc...) - all changes must be complete before online registration is closed - the Wednesday night before each event.

Weight Class Rules:
1st, 2nd, 3rd Weight Class Division Male & Female:

  • (39& Under) and Masters (40 years and over)

  • Athena: Women 165lbs or more

  • Clydesdale: Men weighing 220lbs or more

What is a Beginner?

Simple. A beginner is someone who has participated in three or fewer triathlons. It is the participants choice to race as a beginner or as an individual. In addition to the standard top 3 overall male and female awards, Team Magic also offers a top 3 male and female beginner award at all of our races.

Click here for TIPS for beginners

Should I be a Beginner?

If you do not place in the top three beginners position you will fall back into the open age groups for awards. So we recommend for your first 3 races, choose "Beginner," then move on to any other category.



The CycloRun category is for those that wish to participate in only the bike and run segments of the triathlon.

CycloRun participants will rack their bike in the RELAY TEAM area of transition and will start their bike ride when the first relay team biker leaves the transition area. At most Team Magic races, RELAY TEAMS begin the swim first, so you can expect a short wait time to start your race.


Aquabike Information

The Aquabike category is for participants that wish to only compete in the swim and bike portions of the triathlon.

  • You will start the swim based on your bib number (by swim time,) among the racers doing the complete triathlon
  • You will have your bike racked according to your race number, among the individual competitors completing the entire triathlon
  • Your time will finish when you cross the timing mat coming back into the transition area from the bike portion
  • Please go to the finish line to return your timing chip and get your finisher’s medal, and when there is a break in the action, you can have a finish photo if you so choose!

Relay Team Rules & Information

(This information pertains to our triathlon events)

The relay team usually consists of one swimmer, one biker, and one runner. At Team Magic events, we will allow one of the relay members to do two of the "segments", meaning one person can choose to do two of the three sports and the other team member does one.

Can one team member pick up all race packets at packet pick up?
No, all team members must check in to show their USAT Membership Card and/or Photo ID.


Can an individual racer also be a relay team member?

At Team Magic races, YES they can. If you have trouble finding a person to complete your relay team, we will allow someone competing as an individual to do your first segment or first two segments of the event, then pass off the RELAY timing device to you. It is important for the individual racer to know that they have to go to the RELAY tent (as described below) to give the TEAM member the RELAY timing chip before they proceed with their own individual competition. The most popular example of this is an individual racer "doing the swim leg" for a team.

The Categories:

Awards will be presented to the top three teams for each of the following categories of pre-registered Relay Teams. You must be pre-registered three weeks before the event to get a customized award. If within three weeks, you will receive an award, but not customized to your category:

Corporate, Female, Male, Coed (mixed male and female) and Family.

How the Relay process is conducted on race day:

  • At most triathlons, relay team swimmers start first (ignore your number when it comes to lining up for the swim - we assigned you later numbers, but you are still starting first, before Individual #1.)

  • Relay teams rack in a separate area in transition - not within the individual racers - there will be a sign marking the area

  • There will be one timing chip that will be worn on the ankle with a velcro band. This chip needs to be passed from the swimmer to the biker to the runner.

  • The swimmer will get a swim cap and race number sticker for the cap, the biker will have a helmet number and bike frame number and the runner will get the bib number.

  • All relay members get a finisher medal - just greet your runner at the finish line to collect the bike and swim team member medal!

  • The timing chip will be collected from the runner at the race finish line. If the timing chip is lost, the team will incur a $35 replacement charge.


Event Timing

For Triathlon Events:
We use electronic timing chips, body marking, helmet numbers, bike frame numbers, wrist bands and bib numbers to insure we keep track of you during the race and provide you accurate results.

For Running Events:
We use electronic tags attached to the back of your race bib to capture your start and finish times, as well as capturing data at course turnaround points.

Triathlon Transition Area

Can I ride my bike through transition?

No, please walk your bike through transition instead. This is for the safety of yourself and others.

How do I find my bike in transition?

We have signs at the end of each row in the transition area & each section of bike racks is marked with race number signs. Your bike must be placed on the rack that is marked for your race number range. When you place your bike, be familiar with which number it is on, so you can find it during the race.

Can my friends and family come into the transition area? Can they eat the food in the food tent?

At most Team Magic events, only racers are allowed to come into the transition area. Friends and family can purchase a food ticket at our race site to eat the food at the tent. At some events, sponsors may offer complimentary food available for specatators of the event.

What can I bring into the transition area? Is there a changing station?

You can bring whatever you want, as long as it is in a container and does not get in the way of others. There will not be a changing station in our transition area. There will be a port-a-john, but it is easier to wear something that you do not have to change out of.

Do I have to wear a helmet, even if I'm riding my bike to my car?

Yes, USAT requires anyone and everyone to wear a helmet any time they place a foot on their bike. This is for your safety.

USAT Requirements

USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, winter triathlon and aquathlon in the United States. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multisport races. For more information on USA Triathlon and fueling the multi-sport lifestyle, visit the USA Triathlon website.

All Team Magic events are sanctioned by USA TriathlonWhen a race director sanctions with USAT, it is required for each participant to purchase either a one-day license or annual membership in order to participate in said event. A one-day USAT license is $15 and an annual USAT membership is $50. Either can be purchased when signing up for the event. A child's one day or annual USAT license is $10. Learn about your USAT benefits and where your member dollars go: here

Easy membership verification with imAthlete:

USAT annual members that register online for Team Magic races now have membership numbers and expiration dates approved through imathlete.com and no longer have to show their USAT member cards at packet pick up. If there are any questions regarding your membership status you should receive a message from event management directing you to a check in area at packet pick up for "PENDING" issues.

Requirements at USAT Santioned Events:

  • Everyone must show a photo ID
  • If your USAT membership has expired, you must pay for a new annual or one-day membership and sign a waiver
  • Each member of relay teams must be an annual member of USAT or pay the one-day membership fee.


USAT Age Up Rule

All USAT races will use the "AGE UP RULE" for award distribution and ranking. It is important that you begin in the proper wave start with respect to this rule. The age up rule means you are racing based on your age as of December 31st of the year of your race. Our computer timing program will automatically calculate your age based on your birth date and the age up rule criteria.

Wet Suit Legal

Each age group participant shall be permitted to wear a wet suit without penalty in any event sanctioned by USA Triathlon up to and including a water temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water temperature is greater than 78 degrees, but less than 84 degrees Fahrenheit, age group participants may wear a wet suit at their own discretion, provided however that participants who wear a wet suit within this temperature range shall not be eligible for prizes or awards. Age group participants shall not wear wet suits in water temperatures equal to or greater than 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The wetsuit policy for elite athletes shall be determined by the USAT Athletes Advisory Council. The AAC has set the wetsuit maximum temperature for elite athletes at 68 degrees for swim distances less than 3000 meters and 71.6 degrees for distances of 3000 meters or greater. Any swimmer wearing a wetsuit with a thickness measured in any part greater than 5 millimeters shall be disqualified.


After the Race

When can I get my bike after the race?

There will be a designated exit that racers will be able to retrieve their bike/gear after the last bike participant is in transition. We do not want racers to deal with traffic interference with people retrieving their bikes during their race. Our goal is for each racer to have the same race experience and atmosphere whether they finish first or last.

Will you mail my award?

Awards will not be available post-race, so please check the results before leaving the race site. You can claim your award before you leave by asking a staff member in a Team Magic shirt in the awards ceremony area or asking a friend to pick up on your behalf.

Tips for Racing in Hot Conditions

You will probably need as much as 600-800mg sodium/hr. You can still be sodium depleted if all you drink is water b/c plain water doesn't replace the sodium that you lose through sweat. The body will cool itself better when it is in electrolyte balance; avoid cramping and heat related illness.

Drink 2 gulps (4 oz) every 15 minutes (you can set a timer on your watch if you forget while cycling)..

On the run: Wear a visor and take 2 cups of water at every aid stations - 1 for your head and 1 to drink. Carry ice in your hands to cool down, Tuck ice towel around your neck.

During and after the race: You should eat some ice and try to drink COLD fluids.

Keep positive: Don't say the word "HOT" - remember how cold you were this winter - keep that in the front of your mind (seriously)!!

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