Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon

Date Saturday, September 09 2017
LocationGulf Shores, Alabama
  • Intermediate - 1.5k Swim | 40k Bike | 6 mile Run
  • Sprint - 300yd Swim | 10mi Bike | 2mi Run

Course Detail

Main Staging Area-Transition Flow


Swim Course
The swim course for the Alabama Coastal Distance is 1.5 k in the Gulf of Mexico. For the new "tri-it-on" the swim will be 300 yards. The course will be managed by local water safety groups with plenty of rescue support and assistance. Should the water not be safe for any reason, race management will change the race from a triathlon to a duathlon with the swim being replaced by a 1 mile run. 

The 300 yard swim will be a one loop course and the 1500 meter course will be two loops of 750 meters (going out further into the gulf.) Swim start and finish will be behind The Hangout (our main staging area) with a short run up the beach to the bike transition area.

The Coastal "Tri-It-On" Race will begin at 6:30 am with the Intermediate Distance Race beginning at 7:00 am as time trial start. The swim will be conducted in a time-trial fashion. Race numbers are assigned by estimated swim time, with the fastest swim time being the lowest number. A racer will enter the water approximately every 5 seconds, with relay teams starting before individuals. Course buoys will be identified to all racers, and kayak support on the water will also assist racers to stay on course. To assist you in determining your swim time, follow this pace chart provided by US Masters Swimming.There will be no changing of start position on race day. Racers that register online through the Wednesday night before race day get a spot in the swim order. All race site registrants will have the UPPER numbers and be starting at the rear, sorry, no exceptions. Should the race be changed to a duathlon due to adverse water conditions, the run start will be conducted also as a time trial start based on race number. 

There will be no moving up in swim order on race day. Pre-register by the Wednesday night before the race to get a spot in the swim order!!!! All registrants after that time will have the UPPER numbers and be starting at the rear, sorry, no exceptions.


Look for updates on water temperature in your pre-race email race week.

USA Triathlon Wet Suit Rules:

Article 4.4: Each age group participant shall be permitted to wear a wet suit without penalty in any event sanctioned by USA Triathlon up to and including a water temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the water temperature is greater than 78 degrees, but less than 84 degrees Fahrenheit, age group participants may wear a wet suit at their own discretion, provided however that participants who wear a wet suit within this temperature range shall not be eligible for prizes or awards.


Bike Course
    Intermediate Distance: The bike course is 40k / 24.8 miles for the Alabama Coastal Distance. Bikers head east/right on Perdido Beach Blvd (Hwy 182) from the transition area at The Hangout. The first bike turnaround is a "loop underneath" the PASS which is a large bridge over Gulf Water. Volunteers and police will direct you off of Perdido Beach Blvd. just on the other side of the bridge. You will proceed under the bridge then will be directed back across the bridge heading west on Perdido Beach Blvd. As you head back toward the race staging area, you will be directed right on State Park Road 2 to a turnaround on State Park Road 2, then a right turn (west) back onto Perdido Beach Blvd. (Hwy 182) to the race transition area. There will be a BIKE MOUNT / DISMOUNT LINE. You will walk your bike from your space on the transition bike rack to the BIKE MOUNT line to begin the bike segment. At the finish of your bike segment, you will DISMOUNT at the same line and walk your bike back to your space on the transition bike rack.

    Coastal Tri-It-On Distance:  A NEW 10 mile out-and-back course on W. Beach Blvd. Left from The Hangout to a turnaround at 5 miles. This course takes you along a beautiful section of Gulf Shores beach!

PDF Map of the Intermediate Distance Bike Course (24.3 miles)
Map My Ride Bike Course Overview for Intermediate Distance
PDF Map of Coastal Tri-It-On Distance Bike Course (10 mi)
Map My Ride Bike Course Overview for the Coastal "Tri-It-On" Distance

Run Course
Intermediate: The run course for Alabama Coastal is a 6 mile course out and back on the Beach Blvd. headed west to a turnaround and back to the main staging area adjacent to The Hangout. The course is 6 miles vs. 6.2 miles. Runners will turnaround around BEFORE the bridge at Callaway Pass.
Tri-It-On:  The run will be one mile out west of The Hangout and one mile back to The Hangout on W. Beach Blvd, with one an opportunity to grab water/energy drink at the start of the run and just before and after your run turnaround.

PDF Map of Both Run Courses
Map My Ride Run Course Overview [Sprint and Intermediate]

Hydration Information

  • There will be water and energy drink on the run course approximately every mile. Please note that the hydration stations ARE NOT at the exact mile locations! Mile Markers will mark the actual mile locations. We must choose hydration station spaces with room for setting up tables and distributing water and energy drinks and at this race setting that is not possible at the EXACT mile location.

  • The actual turnaround for the Tri-It-On run course is AFTER the hydration station. DO NOT TURN AROUND AT THE HYDRATION STATION PLEASE! This will result in disqualification since you will be cutting the course short.

  • There will be iced rags at the race finish line and on the run course.  PLEASE ONLY DROP RAGS AT HYDRATION STATIONS OR AT THE RACE FINISH LINE, NOT ALONG THE ROAD!!!

  • Bike Course: Plan to carry at least 2 bottles on the Intermediate bike course and at least 1 bottle on the "tri it on" course. There will not be any hydration stations on either bike course.


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