Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon

Date Saturday, June 10 2017
LocationPelham, Alabama
  • Sprint - 400yd Swim | 12mi Bike | 3mi Run

Course Detail

Main Staging Area/Transition Area
The transition area is located at the beach area parking lot and the pre-race check in and post-race activitites all take place in the activity field adjacent to the beach area.

See the Transition Map Here

Oak Mountain State Park:
200 Terrace Dr, Pelham, AL 35124

Swim Course: 400 yards

The swim course is an open water swim in Double Oak Lake in Oak Mountain State Park. The water is always very calm. The calm water and the individual race start makes for a great open water swim for anxious racers or beginners. The swim start is an individual "time trial" type start. Each participant enters the water individually, approximately every 3 - 5 seconds. Your race number defines when you enter the water, with race number 1 being first. You enter the swim based on your race number, from lowest to highest number. Race Numbers are assigned based on your estimated swim time that you turned in on your entry form. Your racking position in transition is also organized by your race number.

There will be no moving up in swim order on race day. Pre-register by the Wednesday night before the race to get a spot in the swim order!!!! All registrants after that time will have the UPPER numbers and be starting at the rear, sorry, no exceptions.

Swim Course- PDF Map
Swim Course- Map My Ride

Bike Course: 12 miles

The bike course is on nicely paved roads with a bike lane in Oak Mountain State Park. Please use the bike lane when there is one available. For USA Triathlon rules, the bike lane will be considered staying to the far right, but you will not be penalized if you cross the white line that separates the bike lane from the main drive. The course a one loop / out-and-back course on the main park drive (Where Findlay Drive becomes Oak Mtn Park Road) and Oak Mtn Park Road (also known as Terrace Drive.) This beautiful course is moderately hilly with some nice fast sections as well.
Bike Course- PDF Map
Bike Course- Map My Ride Link

Run Course: 3 miles

The run course is a one-loop course with a mix of paved roads and smooth trails. Check out the map links below for more detail.

Run Course- PDF Map
Run Course- Map My Ride Link

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