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We have had an extensive amount of questions concerning Team Magic CX weekends.  We are here to grow the sport of cycling and help you understand as much about this amazing sport!

History of CX:  Cyclocross (known as ‘cross, cross or CX) is a sport originally designed in Europe (French & Belgium athletes) cyclists to continue their training through the cold winter months.  This is a high intensity, technically demanding (sometimes) and extremely fun sport challenges all levels of cyclists.  CX has become a sport of specialists over the past decades and actually has sponsored riders for this amazing sport alone!  The origins of the sport are depicted in the European style of our logo. The Lion of Flanders, from the flag of Belgium, was used by our graphic designer and CX racer Scott Thigpen as a guide.  You will notice that the lions in our logo are a fierce bunny and goat. The bunny is to illustrate the "Magic" of Team Magic and the goat is our mascot "Flanders" - who will be at every race.  Within the shield are the 3 sports that make up Team Magic Professional Multisport Events.  


So why a Team Magic CX events in Alabama?  We are going back to the roots of cyclocross in Alabama.  The original CX series in Alabama started over 25 years ago at Oak Mountain State Park.  Team Magic owners Therese Bynum and Faye Yates, as well as several Team Magic members, participated in these races. We welcome the opportunity to bring our style of race management to CX and offer a fun, adventurous series. 


Do I have to have a cyclo-cross bike?  There is no need for a cyclocross bike.  CX bikes and mountain bikes are both allow in the races.  One rule for mountain bikes is that you must take the bar ends off the bikes to be able to race


Do I have to be in AMAZING shape to participate? Absolutely NOT!  Cyclocross is addictive!  It is a fun and amazing sport and will be something that you will most likely do once and will continue to join in every opportunity you get.  Come join us, have fun and see what cross is all about!


Do I have to have a USACycling license?  A USAC membership is required for racers category 1-4.  Riders looking to be eligible for the ACA overall series title are required to have an annual license.  Cat 5 Men/Women or Juniors may purchase a one-day license for $10 online with registration or at the event.  


  • Pre-registered participants will receive a shirt
  • Birmingham Coke products and food bars for all
  • Awards include a cool Team Magic CX logo item plus a sponsor prize



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