Karen Putnam

Karen Putnam

Karen Putnam, Nashville, TN

Karen is active in several clubs in Nashville and served as a couch-to-5k coach for a local running program.  When not racing she enjoys volunteering and has been the designated last place finisher at some Team Magic events.  She also likes spreading the word that Athena’s are always welcome at Team Magic events!

Why Karen likes Team Magic events:  My first Team Magic event was the GJCC Tri in 2011 and I loved it.  Team Magic events are so well organized and their staff is so nice.

Motivational Quote:  "Don't give up what you want most for what you want in the moment!"  I love that because so many distractions can interfere with training.  We have to respect the distance for the races we do, and proper training is vital!  Race days are celebrations of our journey!

2017 Race Schedule:  Music City Tri and Cedars of Lebanon Tri and hopefully Chattanooga Waterfront Tri and Mt Juliet Half Marathon

Connect with Karen: @KarenPutnam and Facebook as Karen Alcorn Putnam